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      Jin-Jinag Chemical Dyestuff Co.,Ltd.

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      ABOUT US

      Company Profile

      JJCD was established in 1991, which is specialized in the manufacture of cationic dyes. Through years of dynamic growth, JJCD's annual dye output has now reached 10000 tons, is one of the largest manufacturers of cationic dyes in the world.

      JJCD's headquarter is located in Hangzhou. On its 80000-square-meter production site which is located in the Yancheng Chemical Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, JJCD owns advanced production plants, well-equipped QC center and R&D facilities to support JJCD's longterm commitment. An efficient wastewater treatment to the plant keeps water discharge conforming to the Chinese environmental protection regulations.
      JJCD's success is based on excellent quality products, a dedicated management and workforce, and sound finance. JJCD has received a triple A credit rating by the Bank of China every year. JJCD is certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001.

      Thanks to quality products and competitive prices, JJCD's dyes enjoy a high reputation both on the domestic and international market.

      Your inquiries are warmly welcome.


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